Citizens of Raincouver

Undoubtedly so, Vancouver is a rainy city I mean it’s not called Raincouver for nothing. While sure there are days when all the rain makes me want to do is curl up further into my blankets and forget the worlds exists, I have become accustomed to the weather and it no longer bothers me. In fact, I would even go as far as saying that the rain stops no Vancouverite. There have been days when all I crave is a rainy walk on the beach or have a barbecue. Ok, maybe I am a little odd in wanting to walk on the beach in the rain but there’s something so beautiful in seeing the raindrops quietly fall onto the water as waves crash and hit the already damp sand. Despite all the rain though, no matter how hard it falls, everyone must continue with their days. Whether that is heading to work, or school, or even shopping. Sure you can go to the mall and still avoid the rain but where’s the fun in that? Instead, myself and a few other Evolution members headed out for a day of shopping on Commercial Drive. I have done the Commercial Drive shopping thing before but it was during the summer when the sun is hitting you as you’re enjoying, your lunch sitting out on the patio of one of the many cafes that make up the Drive. This time it was a very different adventure. As an experienced Vancouverite I went prepared for the rain so I wouldn’t be absolutely miserable the entire time. I grabbed my puffy parka, overpriced umbrella that I’m surprised I haven’t lost yet, and slipped into my black Hunter boots; bring it on Rain City! After skytraining from Gateway to Commercial I was ready to conquer a day of fun in the rain. As I started walking down the streets of Commercial I began to notice it didn’t look any different than it did in the summer besides the rain of course. The streets were still just as busy with people coming and going. Restaurants and cafes were full of people enjoying their brunch on the Drive, of course no patios though. That’s when I realized that while for some, rain would absolutely ruin their plans, for Vancouverites it’s just another day. Vancouverites are like superheroes who look at the rain and say “you can’t stop me!” and it doesn’t .

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