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I’m not too sure what originally got me into surfing the net for webcomics, but I’m pretty sure it started back in Highschool around grade 10. Back when I still took art classes and loved to doodle on everything and was trying to find my niche and the path I wanted to take. Was I going to be an illustrator? A creative writer? An archaeologist or profiler? (I blame the last 2 on my love for Spencer Reid and Indiana Jones.)

Regardless, I thought I wanted to be an artist of some sort all the way back then. And so I would follow and read through these different webcomics out of admiration and a want for inspiration, what these people were doing was what I wanted to do when I grew up after all. Though my plans have changed over the years, obviously, and my interests have progressed, I’ve subscribed and unsubscribed to many different comics through the years. Amongst them all though, this is a list of the top 3 webcomics I’ve been sticking with.

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  • My most recent obsession, No End is a post apocalyptic webcomic centered around an extremely diverse cast just trying to survive a world that’s plagued with a harsh, unforgiving winter that doesn’t end and, oh yeah, hordes of the undead. Let me tell you,  I’ve shifted through a lot post apocalyptic stories in my time, as I’m sure you may have too. And though many do seem to all be the same, trust me when I say that No End strays away from the stereotypical, ‘zombie apocalypse end of the world action and horror packed,’ scenario that the zombie genre seems to call for. Though it’s true that there are some horror influences sprinkled through the story, (don’t worry, it’s not too graphic,) the main plot is fueled by the casts friendship and love for one another and their personal growth. Rather than being a group of blank people fighting zombies, this comic portrays a group of people who have pasts, presents, futures and PERSONALITIES as they go through a lifetime that just so happens to have a few zombies sprinkled throughout it. The comic is also amazing since it updates fairly regularly throughout the week, not to mention the artistic style that Norwegian artists Erli and Kromi have excellently crafted is enough to draw anyone in within the first few pages. My only qualm with the comic is the fact that some wording seems to be a little off in certain panels, but we can just chalk that up to translations being a little wonky. It’s not that big of a deal. At the moment, I’d say my favourite characters are probably Jenn and Maverick. Jenn because of her loyalty to those she loves, as well as her pure bad ass-ery, Maverick because of his sarcastic and salty attitude.

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  • A comic that’s recently picked up the pace in terms of plot, Never Satisfied centers around the life of Lucy Marlowe whose a magician’s apprentice that has to compete against other apprentices for an important magical government position. The comic deals with issues of class differences and how it can often be hard to understand others. Recently the plot has been delving deeper into the magical history and mythology of the world the characters inhabit and the issues magic has on the people of the city. Personally, I’m a sucker for any kind of world building. Taylor Robin, the sole artist of the series has really done an amazing job keeping up with updates and a consistently fun style throughout the comic. Also, like No End, they’ve done a really great job at keeping the cast and background characters extremely diverse. Though backstories have not been completely divulged yet, it’s obvious that the main cast have secure and buildable personalities. My favourite characters of the series so far are probably Dr. Karim and Su. This is not only due to their character designs, but also their potential as characters.

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  • Another new find for me, The Weave is an urban fantasy murder mystery that originally pulled me in due to its art style. Rennie Kingsley, who writes and draws The Weave, has done an amazing job at character design throughout every panel. It takes real skill to keep a person on a page of any sort of comic for longer than it takes them to read what’s going on. Though her background design was something that had to progress throughout the story, her characters in both the forefront and background have always been appealing enough and diverse enough to stick around and try to catch every detail. When comparing this comic to the past two in terms of plot, it does seem to be slightly weaker. This may be due to the fact that the others are much longer and have had the time to develop, or because the backstory of The Weave has yet to be divulged in much detail. There seems to be a lack of explanation on why the world is the way it is in this story, an issue for sure. But I also would say that it’s a plus. Because of this lack of understanding I have for the plot, I stay along with it to try to figure out what’s going on. There’s a lot of room for world building and character development in the updates to come. Though it is weaker than my other two mentions, I’d say this is still one of my favourite webcomics I’m subscribed to at the moment purely because of its potential.  It’s hard to pick a favourite character for this one and so I’m just going to say I’m a fan of all the designs of the High Court of the Shimmering Isle. As well as the former Queen of Summer.

The great thing about webcomics is that you have the ability to search them up and read them regardless of where you are. I suggest you look any of these up and take them for a spin yourself. And PLEASE, if you have any suggestions for new comics I should check out, send them my way!

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