Rainy Weather Music

No surprise to anyone but the tourists, Raincouver has reached one of it’s peak dreary seasons. With water pouring from the sky in buckets and blankets of the fluffy stuff falling relentlessly to the east, to a homegrown west-coaster it’s no big deal. We expect the rain, even respect it, albeit it’s kind of a fearful respect but… I digress. Have you noticed that foreigners don’t seem to take the nickname, ‘Raincouver’, seriously until they’ve experienced it for themselves?

Anyways, weather like this has got many people bundled up wherever they go. Whether it’s at home, at work, even while sitting in their car waiting for the cursed sky to stop crying enough for them to make a break for it into the shops (or where ever they may be headed to.) There’s something peaceful about looking out the window from wherever you are and watching the rain. It instills a sense of calm and relaxation. A lot of people pair it with a calming activity like a Netflix binge or reading a book. Most even opt to put on a rainy day playlist.

Now, everyone has their own taste in music. But let’s be real, when people are making a rainy day playlist they more often than not pick and choose the more dulcile tunes in their collection. You know, the things that go along with the pitter patter of rainfall. This choice totally makes sense to me, however… When the rain comes pouring down I find myself throwing on some music that’s… Not totally abrasive. But definitely not the, ‘smooth jazz,’ that many kitschy websites associate with the wet weather.

What kind of music do I associate with the rain? Well, when the rain pours down… My Highschool Pop Punk playlist gets turned up. Don’t ask me why it seems fitting to me, maybe it’s because I associate my own teenage angst with the relentless rain pounding against the pavement. So edgy, I know. But when the drops start to gather on my windshield I reach for my Pierce the Veil, the Story So Far and Bring Me the Horizon CD’s. There’s something about yelling along to Circles in the car as I’m driving down the highway that relieves a whole lot of tension. By the time I get to class or work, I actually am a lot more relaxed. If anything, I think my choice might be better than the regular bout of smooth jazz. (Don’t @ me, I totally love jazz.)

Tell me I’m not the only one who strays away from the ‘ordinary’ when it comes to rainy day music. What do you listen to when the rain starts coming down?

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