King tides in Vancouver, does this impact sea levels?

There was a lot of footage of Downtown Vancouver flooding due to the king tide which caused concern for increased flooding. Angela Danyluk, a sustainability specialist with the City of Vancouver, states the King Tide is something that occurs daily and found this years was relatively calm because there were no storm surges. If anything this does bring up the concern of rising sea levels, which they found by the year 2100 is expected to go up a meter. Danyluck says this will help the city of Vancouver build infrastructure to keep up with future sea level rise along the shorelines.

Engineers and planners when they work together and plan our shoreline they factor in like a safety allowance of you know like an error allowance in terms of height on the shoreline that they create. If all of a sudden that safety factor gets eaten up by sea level rise, well we’re going to have to go you know another meter higher.

In addition, Danyluck added it’s important to keep having conversations about flooding projects, educate people on climate change, and discuss green infrastructure.

Mankiran Aujla, Evolution 1079 News

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