Podcast That Packs A Punch

Over the past few years podcasts have become widely popular. The idea of listening to a compelling story or conversation anywhere you go has caught on and podcast networks have been quick to keep up with the demand. Not only are podcasts constantly coming out with new episodes but podcast networks are constantly producing new content. What makes podcasts so great is just how accessible they are. Being able to download however many episodes your heart desires, is a magical experience.

Over the summer, I went on a fabulous family vacation. Only one problem, it was a road trip with my crazy family to California, Nevada, and Mexico. I love my family but if you knew them you would understand just how painful 24 hours in a car with them would be. Minutes before we packed the car up with our stuffed luggage, I knew I had to take drastic measures in order to survive the long journey that awaited me. I armed my phone with about 50 episodes (if not more) of my favourite podcast, Brilliant Idiots. I was ready for war.

If you haven’t heard of Brilliant Idiots then you’re missing out. The podcasts features radio personality, Charlamagne Tha God and comedian Andrew Schulz. What makes this podcast so great is how versatile it is. One second they will be discussing racism and the next moment you’ll hear one of them scream out “D*ck Talk” as the conversation somehow steers to male genitalia. Really, the title says it all, Brilliant Idiots. While they tackle serious controversial topics and bring up great points, they just as equally come out with ridiculous statements that have you thinking “you’re a complete idiot”. I guess that’s the real beauty of the show. They don’t claim to have all the answers or to be well educated on a topic but they freely give their honest opinion based on what they do know. While I may not agree with some of the things they say, I admire their willingness to voice their unpopular opinion. They have 0 regard for the politically correct world we live in. If anything, I think people could learn something from them. Maybe not necessarily in what they say but in how they say it or the fact they are even saying it at all. They’re not defensive, instead they go into the conversation willing to discuss and maybe even learn something new from each other.

The conversations get you thinking, laughing, and sometimes even make you angry but hey, it made being trapped 24+ hours in a car with my family a lot more bearable. This is just the beginning for podcasts and if you haven’t already scoped out the podcast scene I most definitely recommend you do. You can find all kinds of podcasts about crime, politics, technology, business, comedy, art, and so many more. If you already have, then please send some cool podcasts my way. I’m always looking for something new to listen to.

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