Lupii Café is a zero waste diner, could this be a new practice in sustainability in the restaurant industry in Vancouver?

Lupii Café is a hundred percent zero waste restaurant which means nothing goes to waste, for example in the café they use local produce, re-usable jars, no plastics and more. Daniel Papania and his wife who are both professors, started this café to show it was possible to create a sustainable business and to create a community. I asked Papania whether it was possible for governments to encourage other restaurants to try to cut down their food waste, and he said it would be challenging.

They’ve got to balance a whole bunch of different needs at the same time and it’s not like they can afford to do something that which maybe helps one group but then harms another group of people they have to consider all of that.

Since the start of Lupii café Papania has said many people are inspired by the fact they have been able to maintain a zero waste restaurant, but he says we still have a long way to go when it comes to sustainable practices.

Mankiran Aujla, Evolution 1079 News

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