A Study from the University of Alberta Finds More Roads Means Less Grizzly Bears


A study out of the University of Alberta found roads decrease the quality of grizzly bears habitats which increases their risk of death, in addition when the density of roads increase the quality of their life goes down. Now that there is proof, will this lead to new policies from the government? Doctor Sara Dubois who is a wildlife expert and chief scientific officer for the SPCA, states the potential impact this study could have.

Reduce access in that area so whether that you know resource companies, or recreation in that area to reduce roads use or to close roads. That comes down to kind of a land management system that the government is going to have to enact.

The study is new so only time will tell what kind of impact this will have on governments, and whether policies will be created to protect grizzly bear populations.

Mankiran Aujla, Evolution 1079 News

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