Vine Attack vs. Laugh Attack

Just  over a year ago the internet world suffered a tremendous loss when Twitter shut down Vine after having purchased it in 2012. Social media users across the globe took to Twitter to share their distraught, including the vine stars who built the career from the app. Vine featured short 6-second videos, created by users, that often would have you crying in laughter as they played in loop. Some of these users were dedicated to making the funniest and most compelling videos, and became well known for their wit and sense of humour. Ultimately, creating careers for themselves as vine comedians.

This is where the debate begins! Many stand-up comedians have challenged these vine comedians, saying that if they truly are comedians they should be able to stand in front of a live audience and perform just as well.

Their point being, that anybody can plan out a funny video and video tape it. Heck, some people do that by accident, all it takes is being in the right place at the right time. While for stand-up, there’s both a lot of careful planning as well as a skill to be in the moment and be genuine.

Another point that was also brought up, was just how much courage it takes to do stand-up. Standing in front of a live crowd and seeing their immediate reaction can be very deteriorating if you’re not prepared. It’s a very vulnerable process. Vine stars on the other hand have the advantage of hiding behind the screen and simply ignoring any negative comments without it having as much of an effect as in-person.

Recently, the co-founder of vine has teased the internet world with Vine 2.0. Will this be the rise of vine comedians once again? Or has the novelty worn off?

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