BCcampus Aims to Provide Post-Secondary Students with Open Textbooks


BCcampus aims to make textbooks in post-secondary affordable to students through their project BC open textbook. This started in 2012 when the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and training provided 1 million dollars which helped the organization create 40 open textbooks in the top 40 subject areas. One would assume it would be challenging to convince publishers to have open textbook licenses, however Amanda Coolidge who is the Senior Manager of Open Education, said more post-secondary institutions support the initiative.

Finding your champions at those institutions who then we then work with those champions to help sort of filter the message out a bit, and make sure that people are paying attention to what needs to be done in order to ensure student success.

Since the start of this project 24 post-secondary institutions in BC take part in open textbooks, and they have helped student all across Canada save over 5 million dollars over the years.

Mankiran Aujla, Evolution 1079 News

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