On Campus Etiquette

For a lot of people out there school just started up again. Whether you’re a uni newbie or a post secondary seasoned veteran, you should keep in mind that there’s a few rules to follow when you’re on campus. Okay, like, they’re not rules per say. Just a few tips and tricks to help you help others and make everyone’s day easier. Simple on campus etiquette.

    • Your first tip is to keep in mind that the parking lot is NOT A RACE TRACK. Look, there’s usually no space close to your class past about 9 o’clock. And if there is? People are whipping around the parking lot trying to reach it before the person who drove in behind them. Keep in mind that there are students, visitors and instructors walking the parking lot too. Slow down, be alert and keep pedestrians safe.

  • On the note of parking, PLEASE park like a decent human being. There’s little to no space, we already know this. And if you park crooked and take up 2 spots. Oh wow. Bad karma, (and possibly an angry note/pepsi on your windshield) will leave you feeling soorrryy.

  • Hold the door open for the person behind you! Listen, we’re all busy people who have 10 minutes to cross campus to our next class. But it’s common courtesy in any part of society to hold the door, it doesn’t take too long and it saves the person behind you from having it slammed in their face. That being said, if someone holds the door open for you, say THANK YOU.

  • This should be a given but, if you are on the quiet floor or in the quiet space of the Library you should be QUIET. Seriously, some people are drowning under the amount of paperwork, essays and tests they have to study for. They don’t need you distracting them.

  • Have friends on campus? Sweet! That’s what college is all about, isn’t it? Making friends. You know what college isn’t about? You and your friend group taking up the entire sidewalk/hallway/stairwell while people are trying to squeeze past you to class.

  • AND FINALLY, top tip for those who don’t want to have dishonour wished upon them and their entire family. DO NOT eat loud food in a quiz or test. And if you have the sniffles during exam season? BRING TISSUE. You never know if the person beside you is at the end of their rope. 3 term papers, 2 quizzes and 2 other final exams all on the same day can really drive a person over the edge.

Know any more tips for good on campus etiquette? Let us know!

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