New Year, New Fashion Trends

It’s a new year! And I guess I should start thinking about getting a sense of style… As is habit with this time of year, fashion illustrators such as PopSugar, Fashion, Elle and Vogue have recently released their lists of 2018 predicted trends. Of course, the lists are up to the readers own interpretations and though they do often include cute and stylish tips and tricks, some of these trends are odd, unwearable, inconvenient… Or just too complicated. But with a Met Gala theme like Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination for 2018, what can we really expect? And so, here’s a compiled list of some of the wackiest trends I’ve found for this new year.

  • First off I have to say, some of the ‘trends’, Vogue puts out are extremely vague. An example of this, ‘Driver’. Now, when one thinks of fashion such a word doesn’t really seem to come to mind but hey, I’m not a style guru so what do I know. The reason why I think this trend was highlighted in my mind was because one, it’s so vague, but also, the only thing I can think about is that one friends episode where Joey Tribbiani is trying to convince passers by that he owns a Porsche. This trend is odd for sure, but are we surprised that Dr. Drake Ramoray is such a style icon, even in 2018 though?  

      • Apparently sportswear is going to be a big thing in 2018, does that mean that it’ll be socially acceptable for me to rock my sweatpants, sneakers and baggy t-shirt wherever I go for any occasion?

    • I thought we were trying to make the movement to a more eco-friendly based society, but apparently the fashion gods didn’t get the message. Why is that? You may ask. Well, looks like a trend for Spring 2018 is plastic. That’s right, this spring look forward to welcoming the fresh green earth and blooming flowers garbed in chemically processed non-biodegradable plastic. The only question is, is this trend going to be allowed in those states that have banned the use plastic bags? If there’s no plastic bags, why should there be plastic fashion? Eco rage aside, don’t you think a non-breathable material like plastic would just make you… Sweaty? Like, all day. Gross. Look out for 2018’s newest top trend, sweat and an unexplainably musky smell.

    • Helllllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooo 80’s. Like last years throwback to the 90’s, this year seems to be taking a different retro turn. It’s definitely not subtle though, (then again, what was in the 80’s?), fashion your seatbelts ladies and gentleman. Get ready to see a lot more, “80’s shoulders,” being rocked on the streets of Vancouver. Originally an 80’s trend that was a call to more women entering and dominating the workforce, it’s no surprise that in a women powered year like 2018 the trend would make a comeback. It’s just… Out of all the iconic fashion statements of the 80’s, did it really have to be padded shoulders that came back with a vengeance?

  • And finally, fanny packs are supposed to be a thing this year. I’m not complaining about this one, I think they’re incredibly convenient and cute.

All poking fun aside, fashion trends come and go and seem to come back in style every few years. All the things that are, ‘trendy’, now are really just a mashup of things that were cool at different time periods throughout the decades. That being said, if you want to subscribe to the trends of 2018, go ahead. Maybe dig out one of your Mum’s old padded blazers. Or march to the beat of your own drum if you want to, do whatever you like. I think one of the hottest trends of 2018 should be a persons own self confidence.

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