The Dead Zones – Vancouver’s Next Big Rock Act?

Since moving to Vancouver only two years ago it has been my goal to immerse myself as much as possible in Vancouver’s music scene. I recently got a job working as a sound tech at a local bar that does a weekly battle of the bands and throughout my short time working there I have seen band after band walk through the doors trying to impress the crowds with their unique sonic sound. However, only a few have managed to stand above the rest and leave the crowd breathless. Local rockers The Dead Zones by far take the cake for the best act to play this showcase as they managed to wow the crowd like few others.

With only three guys and a mixture of post-punk and garage rock influences, these rockers managed to bring something new to Vancouver. Playing shows with such local talent as Owlface I wouldn’t be surprised if these rockers were the next real rock band to break it in this city. I’m interested to see what will come next from this garage base three-piece as currently they only have one self-titled EP that came out back in April of 2017. WIth quick upbeat songs that feel like punk rock with slight more swagger and sass their stage performance is like if The Beatles performance on Ed Sulivan was mixed with a more socially conscious White Stripes. Kinda a weird mix I know but trust me, when you see it you will understand. 

If you want to hear their self-titled EP make sure to check out their Bandcamp and Facebook page:

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