Rick Cluff Announces Retirement

When living legends decide to start the next chapter of their lives, they leave behind memories, admirers and, if they’re lucky, a lot of laughs.  This may hit home for Vancouverites with a love of home grown public broadcasting.

After 41 years in the industry, CBC Radio Personality Rick Cluff announced Monday morning his plans for retirement. Cluff’s career has included reporting, sports commentary and conversation based interviews.

Many fans( both cohorts in the Broadcast industry and loyal listeners) have already been quite vocal about their fond feelings towards Cluff.  There are a seemingly endless stream of people comparing his hearty voice to a warm blanket easing you into a cold morning.

Amidst different factors, Cluff cited previous extensive heart surgery earlier this year as contributory to his decision.  In his announcement he stated:

“It has been both my privilege and my pleasure to be part of your morning as host of the Early Edition. To be invited into so many homes every morning, to be part of your morning routine, to be allowed to tag along on your morning commute is something for which I am extremely grateful and will treasure forever. Thank you for being there… thank you for listening.”

Cluff’s current role as host of the
Early Edition  morning show, which he has hosted since 1997, will be filled by an as of yet unannounced individual.

Below is a video footage excerpt of Cluff that was recorded for promotional usage during the 2014 Winter Olympics.

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