Batman With a Samurai Sword? I’m In.


Have you ever looked at Batman, fictional super hero/ bringer of justice, and thought: “Darn…I wish he lived in feudal Japan”?  If so: congratulations on your niche and very specific tastes. Additionally: I’ve got a treat for you my friend.

Combining pop culture’s love affair with superheroes, and a wide modern audience’s love affair with Japanese-style animation, Batman Ninja is going to make a lot of people very happy.
The upcoming film sees the dynamic, caped detective transported to Japan from centuries past and thrust into a setting of magic, ninjas and samurai.

The last decade has seen a major increase in the consumption of anime and other stylized animation inspired by Asian cultures and animators. More specifically, it has become commonplace with a Western audience. The mentality has changed from “ ‘Cartoons and comic books are for children and losers.’ ” to “Hey, when are we getting together to binge watch that new twenty-episode anime that everyone keeps talking about?”
It seems to be the peak of this intercultural interest to portray the tried and true mythos of Batman,a character who is now symbolic of North America’s fixation on ‘good versus evil’ storytelling, with a popular and compelling visual art style.

Given the downright polarizing public and critical response to last month’s live action Justice League, maybe this rendition is just the right burst of vitality and reimaging for DC Entertainment.

Batman Ninja is due for home release in 2018.

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