Trevor Halls Album KALA a Sound for Sore Ears.

Trevor Hall’s KALA is a call home. Throughout the album Trevor Hall’s recurring message of unity, love and inclusion drifts on beautiful compositions that effortlessly draw in any listener whose ear gets caught in them. New voices featured on tracks include Xavier Rudd, Nahko of medicine for the people and Australian slam poet Luka Lesson. A banjo plucking in certain songs is a surprising element (almost as mesmerizing at times as the hypnotic wailing featured on the song “Sammy”).
Primarily categorized at folk and roots listeners will feel reggae beats driving Halls music. Trevor Hall’s most recent albums Chapter of the Forest (2014) and KALA (2015), debuted at #3 and #2 on the iTunes singer songwriter chart. He has released 7 studio albums, including KALA, 2 Eps and is currently producing a new album titled The Fruitful Darkness, a crowdfunded record that he is releasing 3 songs at a time. A large following of loyal fans known as “Villagers” connect to the culture of yoga, meditation and eastern mysticism that are strongly reflected in his music. Closest musical cousins would be Xavier Rudd and Nahko and Medicine for the people, or imagine Bob Marley’s songs sang by the Fleet Foxes.From the first few seconds of listening to KALA’S first song ”To Zion” I knew I had to hear more. If you’re familiar with Trevor Halls music you might have heard a version of this song on Halls 2008 record The Elephants Door. Listening to each song: the first version sounds like a search, or a journey; the version you hear on KALA, is densely woven layers of sound and reverb, this song sounds like something’s been found. The other songs on this album are long, most 4 and a half or 5 and a half minutes and separately they tell full stories.

The main sense portrayed in the music is a sense of longing- the song “uncle Joe” tells a story of respecting animals and nature. The chorus is simply “hello friend…”. Two singers (Trevor Hall and Nahko from medicine for the people) really ad to that feeling of brotherhood.

The mother Hall sings to in “Mother feat. Xavier Rudd and Tubby Love” is the earth: “From the mountains to the deep deep waters It’s Mother”.
Layers of sound and harmonies create depth in every song. You may find yourself lulled into the “You Can’t Rush Your Healing” as the music acts like a mantra- focusing in on the message in the song and quieting your mind. Combined the with Trevor Hall’s naturally low, growly voice that stretches up to meet the highest notes in moments of falsetto, or whispers next to your ear, and it would be difficult to find a more soothing album

Trevor Hall’s Music is soul music. It’s simple choruses and the deep, lush reverb created by guitars and harmonies make KALA into a journey of sound and storytelling. For anyone tired of 3 minute songs without a deeper meaning, KALA is worth checking out.

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