Flashback Fashion

Has anyone else recently felt like they’ve stepped into another dimension? Like you’ve suddenly slipped back in time and been bombarded by, what we in 2017, would deem “retro”? Well, there’s a reason for that. And I’m not the first to notice it, or even remark on it.

I can’t pinpoint when or where I first noticed it, but there are definitely women on TV who don’t want to give up what’s in their closet simply because ‘it’ll be in style again in a few years’. Although ‘a few years’ may be an underestimation. According to Vocativ, ‘the fashion cycle trend runs like clockwork’. Every two decades or so, our perception of what was once old or outdated shifts to us believing a ‘style trend’ to be new. 

This falls in line with trends of the past years.  From the 80’s light coloured Mom jeans to 90’s grunge, many of us have had the experience of ‘trying a new style out,’ only to have their Mum or Dad (or every other family member of a certain age) comment on how it looks like something they rocked back in the day. My aunt has commented on my big frizzy hair on more than one occasion. It’s not just 80s or 90s style though. I remember all the way back in high school being OBSESSED with Rockabilly fashion. I don’t know why, or how I even came across it considering the fashion style was one from all the way back in the 1940’s. But I definitely tried to incorporate it into my everyday look… Even if my hair wasn’t long enough for victory rolls at the time (dangit).

On a recent flip through Vogue, Elle and other magazines, I came across more than a few fashion trends that, excuse the cliche, are a blast from the past. It’s a regular old salmagundi of different eras. From 80’s power red and 70’s inspired plaid, to the Old West fringe of the 60’s, it can be confusing as to what overall era is in fashion.

My prediction for the future? Well, I hate to show my bias, but I believe the 80’s is going to make an even bigger comeback. Just look at this Vogue issue published a little over a month ago. Yes, there was some 70’s colours and block patterns thrown in, I’ll admit. But everything else? Come on! Pastels? Denim on top AND bottom? And slips? All I know is, I’m going to be making some more stops to my local thrift store soon so that I can truly live out my 80’s fantasies.


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