Another Artist Dead From Addiction

Former Faith No More singer Chuck Mosley has died at 57. His family has issued a statement confirming the death and attributed it to years of addiction; an all too common result of life in the spotlight of fame and fortune. While there are no specifics listed as to what Mosley was involved in, this writer worries that fentanyl may have taken another of the greats. Enough time has elapsed that most people I’ve spoken to have forgotten that fentanyl overdose was the official cause of death for Prince, though the opioid crisis isn’t the most concerning substance abuse musicians face. It’s addiction in its entirety. Power and adoration mixed with drug or alcohol use is a deadly combination for the average person, and it latches onto those in the public scope with such ferocity that there’s even a trope for it: the 27 Club.

Members include Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, and most recently Amy Winehouse.

So what does that mean for music? Do we have to kill our darlings for art?

In my time writing for publications like BEATROUTE and Vancouver based zines, I found that bands that are primarily made up of Generation Z members were less about the party and more about the music and being a part of the scene. There will always be deviance from a generational norm but this was a fairly commonplace in every interview. In fact, studies have shown that young people are generally drinking, smoking and taking less drugs over all, no matter their hobbies and friend groups. There might be a change in the future when the scene wasn’t centered around consumption as part of the lifestyle.

Until then, this is a very real danger in our music community. As someone who’s seen friends claw their way back from addiction to losing their lives, I can attest that the former is always what creates the best art.

Stay safe out there friends.

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