A Festerval For The Rest of Y’All – Day Two

Last night was the first concert of Festerval, the loud and fuzzy music festival for weirdos in Vancouver. This wasn’t your Dads live show; this was a powerhouse, elbow throwing, scream at the top of your lungs mosh pit kind of show and it slayed. The Cobalt is a compact place for these high energy shows so it was packed to the rafters with people excited for great live music and the rest of the festival that spans this weekend.

If you missed it, I have two pieces of good news for you.

First: the majority of last night’s bill featured local artists so you can still catch War Baby, Dead Ghosts and The Jins anytime in Vancouver.

Second: Festerval has two more days of killer music so there’s still time to throw down at the biggest alternative music festival of 2017.

Tonight the party continues at The Rickshaw Theatre with a legendary headliner: The Dead Kennedys.

Don’t wait until the end of the night, the openers for this show are amazing too. Sore Points open the night at 6:30 so make sure you get the most bands for your buck and come early. Midway through the night is a band that we’ve added to our station that has the worst name this writer has ever heard: Diarrhea Planet. These guys rule so I’ll let it ride.

The Rickshaw is also a cash only venue so you can skip the perpetual line at the ATM. The air conditioning rarely works there so bring three extra bucks for the coat check. Seriously, this place heats up!

If you can’t make it tonight they’ve added the Dead Kennedys to tomorrows show as well so make sure you can get to at least one of them – this is an old band, you might not have another chance to see them live.

Tickets are 35 dollars at Red Cat, Neptoon, or at the door while supplies last!



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