Tis the Season to Cuddle!

Here’s something everyone has already commented on:  the weather has changed. Drastically. I know Canadians are supposed to be used to the cold and all, but it’s a straight up bummer that Mother Nature decided to throw us head first into a snow bank as soon as October ended.

Right about now a lot of people start complaining about the rain and the sleet, and soon enough the snow, but there is an upside to these frigid months. And that, my friend, is pet cuddles. Who doesn’t love getting all cozy and warm with their fuzzy, feathered or scaley little buddy? (Ok … maybe not scaley).

We here at Evolution 107.9 we LOVE showing off our better halfs, especially with you! Below you’ll find a collection of loveable, huggable fur babies.  And, we’re starting off on a high note for this one.




She’s young, fun and a straight up chatterbox (or should I say, catterbox… haha). A great conversationalist with a set of furry ears always open for you.

7/10 meows





He might not be great at capturing the villains of Gotham, but he sure has captured our hearts. A regular celebri-dog with his own Instagram account, George still hasn’t lost his humble nature.

9/10 Floofs (+1 outfit point)




This guy is an absolute monster in the bedroom. And by that we mean a cuddle monster! Seriously! Look at that fluffy tummy. Who wouldn’t want to curl up on a cold winter day with him?

8/10 Fuzzy Tum-Tums






She’s an angel who is truly too good for this Earth. A haute couture holiday model who still found time for the little people.

15/10 Christmas Cheers






This girl is the epitome of a morning person. One of the friendliest alarm clocks you will ever meet.

7.5/10 Furry Sunrises




She may be tiny, but she’s tough as nails. A double cancer survivor with a winning smile.

10/10 Warrior Howls



From spewing sass to kicking ass, Gohan is a rambunctious little troublemaker with a bond to his owner like no other. A more fiercely loyal cat has never been found.

9/10 Ultimate Dragon Balls (+2 outfit points)





Gabby & Anya

Here comes trouble! And make it double. Gabby and Anya are sisters who just won’t quit! Whether it’s swimming, running around in the backyard or going out for walkies, their shared energy is enough to power a small town.

8/10 Zoomies





Oliver Twist

He likes gruel, a light bout of pickpocketing and long walks in London. Alright, that might not all be true, however, he is a lovable boy who’ll do anything for you.

7/10 Charles Dickens References






Don’t let those sad brown eyes fool you, Dexter is an adorably tubby boy who should probably lay off tabletop begging. But who wouldn’t want to give treats to this little cutie?

7/10 Guilt Trips






This pretty girl is so obviously the world’s new selfie QUEEN, a better angle has never been found.

7/10 Vogue Issues





Fireball, Pippy & Caitlyn Henner

Last but not least, it’s  oh so obvious that this flock is one that rules the roost. This group of feathery gossip girls will never let you sit with them.

8/10 Girl Posse

Do you have a pet you want to share with us and the Evolution 107.9 audience? Send us a pic on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!


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