The Dark Eighties Light Up Your Weekend

If the cold weather has you dragging your feet from place to place, moaning over the bus being late or your hair mussed up from wearing a toque, you’re ready for the Dark Eighties Dance Party at the Astoria this Friday.

The Dark Eighties is a celebration of the alternative to the Madonna and Duran Duran hits that typically dominate dance nights. Every week the curator DJ Nikki Nevver spins a collection of 80s hits that appeal to the freaks, geeks and weirdos of Vancouvers nightlife. This week is all about the cult classics like Depeche Mode, The Smiths and Thrill Kill Cult.

Some may have trepidation about going to a dance night celebrating music that’s nearly 40 years old, but the influence is far reaching. If you like Florence and The Machine or Lorde, you’ll find something to bop to. Plus there’s so much variety. If Minimal Wave isn’t your thing, maybe Deathrock will be. If you’re getting sick of Industrial there’s going to be some New Romantics down the line.

The best part is no one’s going to tell you to smile.

Now the pricing for this event is a little tricky, so here’s the run down. They offer sliding scale prices, the earlier you get there the cheaper cover is. Before 10:30 you’ll pay $4-$10. After that it gets more expensive until the club fills, but there’s some altruism in the evening. For anyone that pays over $10 cover, 25% of that $10 plus the entire amount you pay over will be donated to WAVAW to pay for services for survivors of sexualized violence. This is to express solidarity with the #metoo movement which has directly impacted the dance party scene in Vancouver (but that’s another story). The Astoria advertises itself as a safe space, something this writer has seen in person, so to see them acting with this local group is incredibly authentic and you know you’re going to have a fun and safe time, everytime.

This event runs from 9 pm until 2 am so come early, stay late, and dance till your makeup runs. It’ll look better that way.


at The Astoria
769 E. Hastings Street

November 10 2017

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