Press Conference at “Sugar Mountain” tent city

Numerous reporters with cameras and microphones gathered at the tent city known as “Sugar Mountain” to attend a press conference presented by the displaced residents who currently call it home. The reason for the conference was earlier on Tuesday when officers of the RCMP and Vancouver fire department, came into the camp unannounced, damaged several tents and removed all the propane tanks the residents use for cooking and heat.

JJ Riach, an organizer with the Alliance against Displacement, and one of the residents of Sugar Mountain, spoke out about, what he believes to be, an unnecessary level of force from the RCMP

“We want to draw attention to, the entitlement that the police have to regulating low income communities, the levels of violence that they are willing to engage with, in order to contain and control people who don’t have anything.”

This is the second loss Sugar Mountain has suffered recently, as their water supply was cut off by the government in response to the coming winter.

“Sugar Mountain” Tent city Camp in downtown Vancouver.

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