Mint Records Ridiculously Early Xmas Party

I cannot stress how much I believe this to be a Vancouver Xmas tradition. Every year at the beginning of December, Mint Records gives the music scene an early gift of an amazing party. There will be live bands and exclusive gifts! The first 50 people through the door receive a gift pack full of goodies from Lush, a variety of record stores and an exclusive surprise item.

This might seem like a ridiculously early time to talk about this considering it’s a month away but it sells out fast so consider this an insider scoop on the Xmas party of the year. Advance tickets are already selling and can be picked up at Red Cat, Neptoon or online through the Facebook page.

The line up is insane for the 10 dollar ticket price. You’ll recognize NEEDLES//PINS from our station. They’ll be with their good friends Supermoon, woolworm, Jay Arner, Kellarissa and DUMB. Some of the bands have created a super group which can’t be named here, but they’ll be doing Xmas carols.

(if you want to see their name, it’s listed on the facebook page:

Proceeds from the show support local groups like Girls Rock Camp so you can feel good about getting down.

Mint Records has been the backbone of the indie pop scene since ’91 so this party is about more than just getting gritty while listening to amazing music. Shimmering synth pop or grungy surf rock isn’t conventionally commercially successful. This night is about celebrating it together in a space that, conceptually and physically, Mint Records provides.

The Mint Records Ridiculously Early Xmas Party is December 2nd at 8 pm at the Astoria. Get your tickets now, or get left in the cold.

(seriously, right now:

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