Fifty Shades Freed


The story continues…


Picture this, it’s Valentine’s Day. You’re spending it with your friends or if you’re lucky maybe a significant other. You’re wondering what to do when, for some reason you find yourself trekking out to the theatre for the 3rd and final instalment of the Fifty Shades of Gray series. You don’t know how, you don’t know why, but for some reason Mr. Grey has yet again drawn you in.Only recently has the trailer for the 3rd movie been released and yet it’s already trending at number one with 15 million views and counting.


I am aware that this movie has had a TREMENDOUS amount of controversy. In my opinion there’s only one word to define the thoughts and opinions this film has aroused, mixed. No matter who I strike up a conversation with I always find that their reaction to the film is different from the last Die hard fans, because of the genre, want to fully enjoy the movie. Apparently to them, this includes bringing cucumbers or similar shaped objects to the theatres for a satisfaction guaranteed experience. While others, not as dedicated, but still over the moon excited will swoon at the mention of Christian Grey. However, with such a touchy genre…( see what I did there 😉) People on the other end do not see the appeal whatsoever. Those on the opposing end cannot get over their notion that the plot romanticizes topics such as rape and sexual abuse. If this is your understanding of the film, it’s inevitable that you’ll despise it.


What many people don’t know is that many of the scenes throughout Fifty Shades Freed were filmed in our very own city of Vancouver. Places like Gastown, Vancouver Convention Centre, Yaletown, South Granville Strip, even historical houses are all featured in the film. Whether you love or hate it, think the plot is amazing or absolute trash, Everyone seems to be intrigued. The trailer is trending for a reason after all. People are dying to know how far this movie will go, or how cheesy things will this get. No matter what your take on this movie is, we all can agree that it’s going to have some nice scenic shots. 

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