Penalty for distracted drivers is rising

BC is raising the Penalty for distracted driving. The announcement came from Attorney General David Eby on Monday. Where it was explained Eby was seeking to designate distracted driving a high risk behavior.

The changes will target repeat offenders. If a driver receives two tickets for distracted driving, they will receive a penalty of $200.

Neil Dubord chief of delta police and chair of the B.C. Association of Chiefs of Police’s Traffic Safety Committee, says that while he believes the penalty raise will impact road safety positively, he also believes a technological solution is still the best option.

“Well a technology solution that would, disable the phone, unless it was on Bluetooth, when it’s operating in the car if you’re the driver. Rather than actually having the choice of being able to use the phone or not, but actually something that would take away that choice if you’re the driver. You either have Bluetooth or your phone doesn’t work.”

The Penalty raise is expected to take effect in March.

Neil Dubord, Chief of Delta police.

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