Gord Downie’s Final Album reaches top of Canadian Charts

The late Gord Downie’s final album “Introduce Yerself” has already climbed to the top of Canadian charts in its first week. Interestingly a large portion of purchases have been hard CD or vinyl copies, as opposed to streaming or iTunes.

Dave Gowans of Red cat Records a music store in Vancouver says the prominence of hard copy purchases is due both to Downie and his band the Tragically Hip’s fan base being predominately made of dedicated followers, as well as the vinyl reissues of the Hips classic albums.

“Allot of dedicated fans of Gordon Downie and the tragically hip, want to support the man as much as they can. And also, actually allot of the people who are into that group, have been really into buying the vinyl reissue of the hip, that were never really available in the nineties. I think their fan base is definitely a record store crowd and into physical media.”

Downie passed away October 17th. His final album Introduce Yerself has already sold 100000 units.


Gord Downie of The Tragically Hip                     Downie’s Final album “Introduce yerself”

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