Flarrow Wedding Crossover on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow


CW’s The Flash premiered Season 4 last night, and Arrow premieres tomorrow at 9 PST. These two shows are easily the most popular DC superhero shows on air, and they have an impressive fandom to prove it. So whenever there’s a cameo or even a full cross over, fans are sure to have their PVR’s are set. Last season, both The Flash and Arrow featured marriage proposals, between Barry(The Flash) and Iris alongside Oliver(Green Arrow) and Felicity. Get ready because the Flash and Arrow’s main couples have set the date for a special wedding. To add more icing to the cake this two-way crossover is turning into a four way cross over, as seen last year across all the CW Superhero shows (last four way cross over video below.)

Of course some fans are upset because they say “Barry and Iris deserve their own wedding,” that isn’t crashed by Olicity. Others might be too shocked to even react. At least, now we know Barry and Iris are going to formally tie the knot.



The latest photos below show the two couples together near the beautiful Vancouver waters at Stanley Park yesterday. With this exposure to our beautiful city, people have started to appreciate the place we live in that much more. This episode won’t air for a while because the teams are in production it right now.



Earlier that same day stars from Supergirl and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow were filming together. The episode is set to be an exhilarating crossover and sure to hype up the fans for upcoming action in each show’s respective season.

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