Impressions from the New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer!

Star Wars fans everywhere have been pining to find out what Rian Johnson’s vision for Episode VIII would be, and the wait came to end last night during Monday Night Football. The first big trailer for the year’s most anticipated film was received with incredible applause, with many championing Johnson’s use of colour.



The gritty quality of the visuals is a stark contrast to the Spielbergian brightness found in JJ Abram’s The Force Awakens. It’s no surprise though; the second chapter in most trilogies tends to be the darkest (think Empire Strikes Back, and LOTR’s The Two Towers.) In interviews Johnson has talked in general terms about what we can expect from Episode VIII, and it’s unsurprisingly similar to the Empire Strikes Back: this is the part of the story where new complications are introduced and characters are tested to their limits. The Last Jedi will show what happens when characters like Rey, Finn and Poe Dameron have the stool kicked out from under them. Hopefully Johnson can produce moments on par with Empire’s carbonite freezing of Han Solo or the infamous “I am your Father” scene.

I personally have a ton of faith in Rian Johnson, he’s worked magic in the sci-fi genre before with his cult classic Looper, and has a ton of experience directing well written dialogues (something Star Wars sorely lacks, who could forget that terrible dialogue about sand between Anakin and Padme in Episode II) during his stint directing the acclaimed Breaking Bad. My only hope is Johnson avoids the mistake Abrams has been most criticized for, following the blueprint of the original trilogy a little too closely.

Either way the flick is sure to be a smash hit, the little guy below is sure to sell millions in toys alone!

We’ll find out if The Last Jedi will be an Empire Strikes Back clone or not December 15th! Stay tuned to Evolution to hear our thoughts when it hits theatres!


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