DC Legends of Tomorrow Crosses Over with The Flash

Superhero and action fans should be excited for this week’s TV schedule, The CW’s crop of “Supershows”– The Flash, Supergirl, The Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – all premiere this week. Supergirl set the flame last night with their premiere to season three. Tonight you can catch the Flash, 8 PST, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, 9 PST.

The Flash kicks off Season 4, with “The Flash Reborn.” If you watched last season and know what happened to Barry, you’re ready for some answers tonight.


The last thing we saw was Barry getting himself stuck in the speed force. Fans immediately developed theories that the comic story line where Kid Flash, Keiynan Lonsdale, becomes the new Flash, could be headed to the CW show. But the fandom has grown such a huge support and love for their preferred Flash, Grant Gustin. The writers wouldn’t kill the Barry Allen after three seasons…Right?

As for DC’s Legend of Tomorrow, the Season 3 trailer definitely left some people in awe. The benefits of having all the CW Superhero shows filmed in the same city, Vancouver, is the constant opportunity for crossovers. When you love one all the superheroes and see them assemble together, there’s nothing better.

If you saw the big gorilla… and you’re a fan The Flash, you’d instantly know that that gorilla is Grodd. Kid Flash also makes a special appearance in this season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. There’s probably going to be a lot more cameos within all of these shows this season. With many other incredible shots from the trailer, both shows should not disappoint.

Fans continue to build relationships with these shows because the cast takes time to connect with Vancouverites on set. The film industry in BC has been booming since all four of these hit shows made Vancouver their home. BC’s Film industry seemingly can’t stop growing, let’s hope more shows make us their production home, and continue to build North Hollywood.


Supergirl – Mondays, 8 PST

The Flash – Tuesdays, 8 PST

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Tuesday, 9 PST

Arrow – Thursday, 9 PST

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