NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: RALPH, The Darcys, Bad Suns, and Lostboycrow

Today is arguably the best time of the week, and you should be as excited about this week’s releases as I am.

A few Evolution artists have put out new music, some have even teamed up together to bring us a combo track – which is really, really cool.

RALPH and The Darcys Team Up!

We’ve played Ontario’s The Darcys for a few years now, and just this May we debuted their friend RALPH on Evolution with her song Tease. Today, they combined efforts for the track Screenplay, while touring together in Ontario. Though both of them have been here over the summer, hopefully they’ll grace us with their presence again, and bring the co-headliner over to the west coast.

Bad Suns Tackle a Rough American Political Climate

LA group Bad Suns released a new single, This Was a Home Once to follow up their sophomore album Disappear Here. Lead singer, Christo Bowman showcases his vocal ability as he wavers during the chorus chanting “this was a home once.” The song comes at a perfect time politically for the USA, and in general for the group, who are set to play an all ages show at Fortune Sound Club on Saturday, October 14. This will be their first ever all ages headliner in Vancouver, so don’t miss it!

You can find tickets for the show here:

SPOTLIGHT: Lostboycrow

Lostboycrow wormed his way into my musical consciousness last December, when he opened up for Flor at the Biltmore Cabaret. He took the stage, and everyone in that room who’d never heard of him instantly became a fan – including myself. His voice rang through to every single person and he made an everlasting impression which has left me completely enamored with his work. I can’t stop listening.

Amazingly enough, he remains unsigned, but that hasn’t stopped him from releasing new song, after new song… including his most recent project: a three part album. Before today, only one part had been released: Traveler: The First Legend. But today, he released: Traveler: The Second Legend.

There’s a Canadian connection to his work as well, as he spent a lot of the summer in Edmonton, even playing a show there with his friend, under the alias of Jazzy Charles and The Bird. While in Alberta, he filmed the video for the recently released All My Lives At Once, which is also off the new Legend.

Later this month, he plays a show on October 20 at the Fox Cabaret. I’ll be there. You should be there too.

Check out his work:

Join me at the show:

What releases are you excited about this week? Tweet me, ‘cause I want to hear them too! @alexisdayfoot

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