Interview with Charlie Kerr, aka Matt and Sam’s Brother

We were given the opportunity to interview Charlie Kerr, well known for his work with JPNSGRLS. Charlie released an album under the name of “Matt and Sam’s Brother” back in April, a solo project he intends to keep with him the rest of his life, his reasoning being that he will “always be Matt and Sam’s brother”.

Charlie Kerr Matt and Sam's Brother May 24 2017 Live at Evolution 107.9 - Alexis Dayfoot - BCIT Radio

I was able to sit down with Charlie for an hour and bit, to discuss a wide range of topics including: pets, head injuries, touring, artwork, upcoming films “Ice Blue” and “Blackout”, the future of JPNSGRLS, and most importantly: his opinion and education on boy bands.

Matt and Sam's Brother at Evolution 107.9 - May 24, 2017 - BCIT Radio

Above: Alexis Dayfoot and Charlie Kerr at Evolution 107.9.

He also took the time to bring his guitar along and play a couple songs: an acoustic version of “This Means Nothing” and an unreleased track called “3AM Lullaby”.

You can find the full interview below, along with the two songs!


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