Pemberton Festival 2.0 is no more.

Well – you could call this unexpected or a disappointment, but realistically it’s just a long con.  The second incarnation of Pemberton Festival is run by a large company by the name of ‘HUKA Entertainment’.  Based out of New Orleans, they run multiple festivals over the continent and several standalone concerts as well.  They advertise themselves as small, independent and “local” which their shell company based in Pemberton is – HUKA, is not.  There never was going to be a festival.  HUKA, was going to use the Pemberton Music Festival, LP(PMF) to blame everything on and they will walk away, no-harm-done.  Paying for artists full-rides to the site, booking before they had covered the amounts needed and taking money from creditors (HUKA most likely) the PMF knew they would fail and tried pumping up their line-ups and saying “the line-up is coming tomorrow” only to have those claims fall through every time.  They were a shell festival through and through and I guarantee HUKA will be able to claim these losses and make every dollar they put into the festival back while our courts waste time and money riffling through the mess.  Nobody can officially go after PMF since the amount of assets they have are none – and nobody can go after HUKA because they are just a contractor with no direct ties to the festival or the debt.  Security guards from the 2015, yes 2015, festival haven’t been paid yet.  In an article on the Georgia Straight written by Mike Usinger, they quote a user on the forum website Reddit, stating his rental company would not be hired as the festival was cancelled.  He was notified two days ago and as the article states the social media accounts were still actively selling tickets.  It wasn’t until yesterday the accounts and the official website we deactivated and in the websites place is a file for bankruptcy.  People who paid with credit cards should be able to get the money back and the festivals creditors, HUKA, will be just fine as well so don’t worry about them.

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