Ties of Blood: The Brontes

Looking for a show to attend tonight? Ties of Blood, hosted by Theatre Hera West at the Havana Restaurant on Commercial Drive, is a vivid dramatic work that re-interprets the lives and art of the Bronte siblings. Ambitious Charlotte (author of “Jane Eyre), passionate Emily (author of “Wuthering Heights”), benevolent Anne (author of “The Tenant of Wildfell Hall”), and their mysterious brother, Branwell, authors of beloved classics and iconic centerpieces in the world of literature. Four artists, four geniuses, four siblings. Conflicting loyalties, forbidden love and competing affections intersect in this tale of a family torn apart by fame, alcoholism, and dark twists of fate. Through live music, movement, text from their diaries, letters, and novels, compiled and supplemented by playwright Caity Quinn, Ties of Blood represents a mesmerizing glimpse into the tortured world of the Brontes. The show chronicles the upbringing of four artistic geniuses as they struggle between the opposing desires of artistic fulfillment and commercial success. Charlotte, Branwell, Emily, and Anne also tackle the challenges of alcoholism, drug addiction, and illness, woven into a tale of betrayal, scandal, failure, loss, and grief. Written, directed, and designed by Caity Quinn. Performed by Grace Fournier, Julia Frith, Cassidy Furman, and Adrian Zeyl, and Caity Quinn. Assistant director: Will Bartley. Dramaturge: Aaron Jan. Live music composed and arranged by director/co-designer Nick Heffelfinger made up of traditional songs and original music based on the poetry of Emily Bronte completes the artistic dreamscape as we travel back to Haworth and watch a family of literary titans fall. Don’t miss out on this epic show!

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