U2 can wait in a line…

…And in my opinion there’s nothing wrong with that.  Perhaps you had not heard about what happened outside of BC Place the evening of May 12th for the U2 show – in this case, their opening act Mumford & Sons could be more important.  Many people in line were, in fact, there to see them.  Worldwide famous on their own, many fans were outside much of the time that Mumford & Sons were on stage.  The picture above is the utter chaos of a line that occurred outside the show last Friday.  This all stems from a system in place to counter scalper-bots and inspire more actual fans to be able to see the show. Bots used by scalpers with multiple credit cards buy as many tickets as they possibly can as soon as tickets go on sale, then re-sell them at an increased rate.  They don’t care whether they sell them all since the ones they do sell make up for their losses.  You could say the scalpers, or middle-men, are making money ‘With or Without You’

A fan who attended the show mentioned how they were completely understaffed and the lines were in absolute disarray.  Fans were told to be there at 5 when the show started at 7 but as we all know, that can be physically impossible for someone coming from work etc.  A combination of more effort put in by BC Place and Pavco (its board of directors) and the fans attending being more prepared themselves will go a long way in solving these problems.  We all know what it feels like to go and buy tickets online and within minutes have the entire show sold-out. Bands like U2 and Radiohead use this system  to protect fans from scalpers and re-sells.  It just goes to show how far behind we are from protecting guests from these kind of scams.

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