My Beautiful Broken Brain

Tonight from 7:00 – 9:00 at Douglas College at 700 Royal Ave in New Westminster, there will be a showing of ‘My Beautiful Broken Brain’, a film about the recovery of 34 year old Lotje Sodderland, a documentary producer who suffered a massive brain hemorrhage due to a rare developmental malformation of the blood vessels in her brain. Initially unable to speak, read, write, or perform even simple tasks, Sodderland began making “video-selfies” to help keep track of her medical care. ‘My Beautiful Broken Brain’ takes you on a journey inside Sodderland’s mind, using special effects to recreate the distorted vision she experienced as a side-effect of the stroke and the pulsating colours and strange visuals that became her new normal, as it documents her inspiring recovery. The film starts with a recap of the stroke and follows the life of its protagonist Lotje in the year that followed, with all her progress and major setbacks. Lotje started taking video-selfies of herself just a few days after the stroke, while still in hospital. Large parts of the film consist of material filmed by herself on her phone. This together with various sequences showing the world from her point-of-view at that time, including for example her hallucinations, produce a rather personal storytelling style. Sodderland said that making a film about her struggles was the first linear thought she had after the stroke.She started taking video-selfies of herself while still in hospital, and two weeks later contacted documentary filmmaker Sophie Robinson to enlist her help. The showing of the film is hosted by Fraser Health – Brain Injury Film Festival (BIFF).

Here is the trailer for ‘My Beautiful Broken Brain’

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