Rocket to the RIO!

If being part of the AFFORDABLE concert series isn’t enough for you, then maybe some classic Vancouver-area bands is.  With advance tickets at $20, $25 at the door, and a $150 pack of ten tickets – it’s totally worth four bands and intermittent entertainment. Located at the classic Rio Theatre (right) it’s the perfect place for those yearning jive along to Funky, Punky and most of all, Unique music.  Rocket to the Rio, features four local bands who all rock their own special touch:  The Hard Rock Miners, who you could say are similar to the Hip with their Canadiana twang – Disco Funeral, who provide listeners with a Jazz, Spanish and almost Gypsy-hybrid sound certain to get you up off of your seat – Rio Samaya, bringing sounds born in the mountains of eastern South America – and finally The Walkins, who will “tear the roof off” with legendary classic rock riffs and vocals.  All of that and you’ll have the Rodfather, keeping the flow going as he spins tunes between shows and after.  So, this checks off a few points for being quite the event: Local bands, Rio Theatre, Cheap and a DJ spinning tracks amidst all that.  For an easy way to make your week awesome for a mere twenty bucks, Rocket to the Rio is a sure choice.  Just make sure to dress however the heck you want and dance like a Psycho!

Here’s the official site

Here’s an vid featuring the aforementioned bands…


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