The Vancouver International Jazz Festival

In just over a month’s time Vancouver’s annual International Jazz Festival takes off for nearly two weeks of smooth, smooth jazz.  From June 22nd until the 2nd of July you can essentially go through a musical time warp to a better time – where jazz was royalty compared to its peers.  Since 1985 it’s been a community driven platform for musicians to bring to the forefront, their sound and genre to audiences they aren’t accustomed to seeing night in and out.  People who would never be at a regular jazz night check the festival out and in fact most of the time they feel inspired to go to another.  People ranging from all ages and creeds can enjoy themselves.  It’s the perfect time for a music-lover or casual fan to get a live-look at the passion and effort these wonderful musicians bring to their performances every night.  From the Vogue, Orpheum to the Pyatt Centre and Performance Works on Granville Island – the Jazz Festival covers much of downtown Vancouver and features at some of the most prestigious venues around the city.  With solid ground to stand on the festival can garner some big names to our beautiful town: Thievery Corporation, Ziggy Marley and what should be fascinating is Branford Marsalis alongside the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. However, kicking things off will be Seu Jorge presenting: The Life Aquatic –  A Tribute to David Bowie at the Orpheum.  Acts as promising as these, mixed with with gorgeous venues and exciting crowds the Jazz Festival aims to please and bring Vancouver into the new, old world of jazz music. is the official website

Here’s Seu Jorge from the Wes Anderson film ‘Life Aquatic’

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