End of the Rainbow

Vancouver’s very own ACE Productions presents the infamous English Canadian Premier of Peter Quilter’s “End of the Rainbow”. The play is based on the true events of american singer, actress and vaudevillian: Judy Garland’s last attempt at a comeback. Judy Garland and her new fiance Mickey Deans have arrived in 1968 London for a series of shows at the palladium and Talk of the Town. This highly anticipated Broadway and West End play stars wonderfully talented local actress, Janet Gigliotti as Judy, and dives into the woman behind the Goddess wrestling with her inner demons. The show is directed by Claude Giroux and features four actors as well as an instrumental trio led by the talented Gordon Roberts. The venue is located at the Jericho Arts Centre on Discovery street in Vancouver. There are several scenes in this show that will send shivers down your spine and it will have you gripping on the edge of your seat. Electrifying, intense and real–this production will leave you breathless and wanting more. End of the Rainbow is a true account of an all too mortal goddess on the eve of her destruction and is revealing in a way seldom found in the tabloids.

Throughout each chapter and scene of Garlands history, the content will be brought to life; she is known for being naughty, cheeky, sensual, childlike, unedited, manipulative, as well as displays several issues regarding self-esteem as she takes the relationship between men to the sheets, often creating war within these relationships. Judy has been through a lot in her life. Not only does she stand proud in who she is, but her self-awareness brings forth a unique sense of humour, full of sarcasm and wit.

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