Miley Cyrus New Song!

After many years of seeing a “wild” Miley Cyrus, everyone was shocked to see her “rootsy” photoshoot for Billboard’s May issue. A majority of the pictures were taken on the Malibu property which she shares with, now again fiancé Liams Hemsworth, as well as a beautiful shot with the mustang she bought for him. The surprises didn’t stop there. Just yesterday the star released her newest single titled “Malibu” which has a very different sound from her other recent work. The single is Cyrus’ first song since she got back together with her ex-fiancé Liam Hemsworth. In an interview with Billboard, Cyrus explains that the single is about being and surrounding herself with things she loved, which just so happened to be Malibu. This is quite the change for Cyrus’, as for the past several years she has been known to be very eccentric and outspoken. Her interview with Billboard indicates that she has found a balance in her life and that it shines through in her new music. The song has received a few mixed reviews but has shot up to #1 on Billboard and was trending on Twitter. With an artist like Cyrus, the audience never knows what to expect and there’s a beauty in that. Regardless of the mixed reviews, the intrigue is still there and people are definitely curious what this means for the future album. The untitled album is her sixth and is set to be released in October of this year.

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