An Organization that Aims to Prevent South Asians from Joining Gangs

Gang violence is an issue in B.C that was not highlighted in the provincial election. In fact, within the South Asian community many young men are involved in this activity, for instance earlier this year Birinderjeet Justin Bhangu was shot in his car because he was part of a gang.

Balwant Sanghera is one of the founders of the South Asian Community Coalition Against Youth Violence (SACCAYV) that works with police and government, he provides insight as to why this community is prone to gang life.

Also questioned Sanghera on whether the effect of the NDP taking six of the nine ridings in Surrey can help this community and others.

A book for parents to understand why youth join gang.

The SACCAYV has been influential in creating more programs to address this issue, Sanghera says perhaps the change in government could lead to more funding.

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