Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

Mass Effect: Andromeda, oh how I had such high hopes for you. Andromeda is the newest game in the Mass Effect series, and boy is it a bit of a letdown. You can play as Sara and Scott Ryder, who is part of the Andromeda Initiative, a group of Milky Way galaxy citizens who are attempting to travel and settle the Andromeda galaxy. There are golden worlds that were planned to be settle, but once you arrive, you realize things aren’t what they seem. I found myself getting sucked in quite quickly, with travelling through an open world on different planets, fun combat and the occasional flirting with space aliens (nothing gets me into a game like the opportunity to date aliens).

I will say, once you get through the first two planets, which are quite boring, the game gets better. Aya, the home planet of the new alien species, the Angara, is my favourite place to visit in the game. The scenery makes travelling through the game more thrilling and more enjoyable. Now if only that excitement and enjoyment lasted. After my 30th hour into the game I found the story getting stale, the gameplay boring and the characters dull. I won’t even get started on the animations and glitches that plague the game, but in the game’s defense, it’s no more glitchy than Fallout 4.

What really gets me, and the biggest reason I pretty much stopped playing (I currently am on a break after getting through 70% of the main plot), is the story. Dry, dull and overall just bland. Ryder is no Commander Shepard. Pass Mass Effects had you playing a likeable hero, and companions with better fleshed out personalities. Out of ten I’d probably give it a solid 6.5.


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