Just Ludacris… and Fear Factor is making a Comeback!

MTV is officially reviving the gross yet intriguing competition game show Fear Factor. It was announced yesterday, and you wouldn’t believe who the host will be. It’s Ludacris…No i’m serious the known Rapper-turned-actor Ludacris will be the new show host. The game show was a hit during its time on tv in 2001-2006, contestants would face terrifying stunts, and creepy encounters, like eating maggots and being covered in large spiders. As I am sure you can remember this was the least of the worst measures.

The new Fear Factor will debut on May 30 but will be a revamp from original, rather than completely gross or terrifying tasks as mentioned previously, the contestants will face challenges that are more relevant to modern fears to “hit on youth tension points”, like crowd surfing in the sky or “Roach-ella,” “Trap Queen” games and personal cellphone rescues at heights of over 100 feet.

“With so much change in the world, young people have a rising sense of anxiety,” said MTV President Chris McCarthy to The Hollywood Reporter. “Our reinvented Fear Factor was designed to directly tackle this, and empower the audience to face their fears head on and overcome them in a fun, spirited way.”

Each episode will have contestants that will pair up into four teams still to compete for $50,000 in cash.

Here’s a #Throwback to what Fear Factor was all about!

Remember these….

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