Orange is the New Black debuts season 5 footage in trailer

The hit Netflix show, Orange is the New Black, has debuted a new teaser trailer that features some interesting new footage of the upcoming 5th season.

The trailer opens with a mob of inmates surrounding Daya, (played by Dascha Polanco) as she points a gun at corrections officer Thomas Humphrey (played by Michael Torpey). The scene takes place following the events at the end of season 4.

The crowd chants and yells for Daya to pull the trigger, as Piper and Alex walk towards the group. The two discuss staying out of trouble and decide to turn around and walk away. As the two girls walk away, the camera focuses back on Daya before cutting away with a gunshot.

So now we are left to wonder, did Daya actually shoot Humphrey? I wouldn’t put it past the show for starting off a new season with a huge bang, literally and figuratively. We won’t find out what really happens until season 5 premieres on June 9th.

Check out the trailer for yourself below!

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