Gorillaz release an interactive mobile app, and early album listening for fans

With the upcoming release of a new album, Gorillaz have put out a new mobile interactive app. The best thing about the app is that it will allow users to listen to the new album before anyone else.

The app is currently available for download and allows fans to explore the world of the Gorillaz. The coolest part about the app is the feature called the “Humanz House Party.” Essentially “Humanz House Party” is an event going on in the app that will allow fans across the world to simultaneously listen to the new album Humanz, before its scheduled release on April 28th. As of rght now there is no announced date for the so called house party, but it’s sure to hit the app before the albums release date.

The band, led by Damon Albarn, has announced its own festival in Kent, England on June 10th, as well as a show in North America sometime in July.

It also looks like a Gorillaz based T.V show is in the works most likely based around the band members and their crazy universe.

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