Comedian Will Sasso starts his own YouTube channel and creates short film, “Follow Me”

Former Mad TV cast member, Three Stooges star and B.C born comedian Will Sasso has started his own YouTube that showcases the realistic struggle of attempting to be a social media mogul. It was only a few years ago that Sasso was making waves on Vine with his own account. His 6 second videos would often depict him vomiting lemons in everyday situations, and helped him amass 2 million followers.

Sasso’s one video on his newly formed account is a 12 minute mockumentary titled “Follow Me.” The short film is about staying relevant as a social media celebrity while balancing marriage and being a dad. The short was written by Sasso, along with director Marshall Cook. Sasso plays the main character Darren Marsh, a man invested in his social media “empire.”

The video is a funny take, but wholly realistic look at what people do to stay relevant on the internet. Sure it’s easy to become internet famous for a minute, but it’s a fleeting experience. Some people get hooked on that feeling and yean for likes, views, and shares. Sasso brilliantly mocks that feeling and his character finally pays a price for it all. It’s not only a humorous short film, but it’s also a lesson that many people, especially millennials need to learn. In life there is always more important things then how many people are interested in your hundreds of posts. Take your eyes off your phone for a second and go hug your family dang it!

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