New Netflix Controversial Trailer ‘Dear White People’ receives huge backlash

Netflix debuted this new controversial trailer for the new spin off series of Dear White People, which is also called Dear White People. The 2014 movie told a similar story of the lives of several black students at a predominately white college, while tackling racial stigmas. In the trailer of the Netflix series the protagonist Samantha White broadcasts on her campus radio show a list of acceptable Halloween costumes: “Pirate, slutty nurse, any of our first 43 presidents. Then going to the top of the list of unacceptable costumes: Me,” she says and a bunch of photos of fellow students from the college show up with all of their faces painted black.

This trailer has received a huge amount of back lash, but this was expected since the original movie had similar attention. However, the trailer captures the humor of the original film, and may be liked just as much as the movie was.

Simien responded to the huge outrage on Facebook and in an interview with ET online, noting he’s faced this before after the first trailer for the movie was released.

“But now, I feel strangely encouraged,” he continued. “To see the sheer threat that people feel over a date announcement video featuring a woman of color (politely) asking not to be mocked makes it so clear why I made this show. I want those who are chronically unseen in the culture to feel seen. And I want those willing to extend empathy to experiences unlike theirs to understand their humanity more deeply.”

The show will feature the same characters as the movie, though the cast includes both new and past performers. Justin Simien expressed the he is not creating any racial divides with his series.

“I’m not the first artist to use a misnomer as a title and I reject any notion of ‘causing a divide’ simply by stating that one exists. Which is my role as artist. To state what is. But if facts and common sense can not wake us up from our delusions and distorted ways of seeing, what can?” –  Simien

The series will premier this year on April 28th.

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