Social Events and Student Competitions

The BCIT CSCE Student club is very active in encouraging and supporting our members to participate in student competitions and social events. The club hosts many social events each year, which allow students to take a break from their course, work and relax with peers. Our club also supports student competitions allowing our members to compete with other schools, and gain knowledge from outside the class room.


TrOItsky Bridge building Competition

The BCIT CSCE chapter provided funding for a group of 4th and 3rd year students to attend the annual Troitsky Bridge Building Competition. This event, which draws students from all over North America, is a competition where students use their education and creativity to cronstruct a bridge from popsicle sticks, glue, floss and toothpicks, to support a point load.

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Western engineering competition, WEC

2014 was the third year that BCIT sent Civil Students to the Western Engineering Competition. The five-day engineering event allows the students to share engineering intellect, challenge their skill set, and gain exposure to industry. Students compete in one of six engineering competitions that will showcase their talent outside of the classroom. Professional events with industry allows students and industry to mix and mingle and give the engineers-to-be a taste of what the future has in store.

Annual BC LIONS & Whitecaps game

During the Fall semester, the CSCE puts on a trip to a BC Lions game. This popular event brings the students from all the different years together.

In the spring of each year, the CSCE organizes a bus to see a Whitecaps game. This is a great way for our members to take their minds off spring semester projects.


American concrete institution, ACI

In past years many BCIT students have had the chance to compete with the American Concrete Institution's diverse concrete competitions including FRC Bowling Ball, Concrete Cylinder, and concrete cube.

bcit intramural sports teams

Each year the BCIT CSCE Supports an Ice Hockey team to play in the BCIT Intramurals league. The team plays Wednesdays after school against other programs such as Mechanical Engineering, Geomatics, and Building Architecture.

The CSCE also sponsors other various sports teams including dodgeball, indoor soccer and slow pitch softball, and floor hockey.


BARBECUE to welcome new students

First Year Kick-off Barbaque. The CSCE in conjunction with the Civil Engineering Department hosts a welcome event for all first year students. This event includes a barbeque and small sporting events to allow the new students to get to know each other in a fun environment. This is also used as a recruiting event for the club to enroll new members.

Student Competition Awards

2014 Troitsky Bridge Building Competition, 4th Place

2012 Troitsky Bridge Building Competition, 3rd Place

2011 ACI 1st Place, FRP Composites Competition, Highest Load to Cost Ratio

2010 Canadian Wood Council Wood Catapult, 1st Place, Longest Distance

2010 Canadian Wood Council Wood Catapult, 3rd Place, Qualifying Trials

2010 ACI 2nd Place, FRC Bowling Ball Prediction Competition

2009 Canadian Wood Council Wood Catapult, Best Team Spirit

2009 Canadian Wood Council Wood Catapult, 3rd Place, Longest Distance

2008 ACI 3rd Place, FRC Bowling Ball Prediction Competition

2005 ACI 2nd Place, Most Accurate Prediction of Load and Deflection of Fibre Reinforced Concrete Composites.

Charitable Work


The BCIT CSCE Student Chapter is proud to help out organizations with charitable efforts. Our highlight event in this category is our Movember Campaign, which takes place every November.

The students start clean shaven on Movember 1st and grow a moustache to raise funds and awareness for men's health, and more specifically prostate cancer. For more information on this event please visit

We also held a canned food drive for the Christmas season, where we donated 200 pounds of food to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.