Our Team

Fitsum Tariku, director of the bcit building science centre of excellence Fitsum Tariku, Ph.D.
Bachelor's Degree (Mechanical Engineering)
Master's Degree (Mechanical Engineering)
Ph.D. (Building Engineering)
Canada Research Chair in Whole-Building Performance

Dr. Fitsum Tariku's experimental and computer modeling research program spans from materials and building envelope systems right through to whole-building performance analysis. Currently, he is working on material property measurements and characterizations; hygrothermal modeling and measurements of building envelope systems; and integrated analysis of whole-building performances. He aims to develop a comprehensive building optimization and decision-making tool that integrates whole-building simulation, risk assessment and cost-benefit analysis, with the objective of designing a building that is energy efficient, durable, economical, environmentally friendly, and provides comfortable and healthy indoor air quality to occupants.  Selected publications (2005 - 2016)

Rodrigo Mora, faculty member in building science at the bcit building science graduate program Rodrigo Mora, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Bachelor's Degree (Civil Engineering)
Master's Degree (Building Engineering)
Ph.D. (Building Engineering)

Throughout his professional and academic career Rodrigo’s work has focused on investigating methods to improve the integration of building systems to optimize performance. His work leverages on the inherently integrative nature of building science to help design environment responsive buildings. In particular, he is investigating occupant-responsive indoor environmental systems that operate in harmony with the outdoor environment. His research methods include modeling heat and mass transfer in buildings, coupled with methods of systems engineering, and investigations on occupants’ behaviours.  Selected publications

Emishaw Iffa, Post doctoral researcher in building science at the bcit building science centre of excellence Emishaw Iffa, Ph.D.
Bachelor’s Degree (Mechanical Engineering)
Master’s Degree (Mechanical Engineering)
Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering)
Post-Doctoral Researcher

Dr. Emishaw Iffa’s research background comprises computational fluid dynamics (CFD), numerical methods and experimental investigation of thermal and fluid dynamics for several mechanical and building systems. Dr. Iffa, in collaboration with Dr. Tariku, is involved in developing modelling and experimental tools to thoroughly understand the thermal, airflow and moisture distributions in various types of building envelope systems. His current research interests include, but are not limited to, studies of attic ventilation for energy efficiency and durability, performance of insulation materials and thermal imaging. 

Wendy Ying Simpson, research analyst in building science at the bcit building science centre of excellence Wendy Ying Simpson, M.A.Sc.
Diploma (Architectural and Building Technology)
Bachelor's Degree (Urban Planning)
Master's Degree (Building Engineering)
Research Analyst

Wendy's diverse background of urban planning, experimental research of building science and experience in construction industry developed her wide building science interests. These interests lead to designs for durable, healthy, energy efficient, and sustainable buildings in an extensive range of considering from macro scale (influence of weather, neighbourhood plan and orientation of buildings) to micro scale (conceptual and integrated building design, building envelope details and indoor climate conditions). Currently, she is involved in hygrothermal property measurements, field experimental study of building envelope component performances and indoor environmental condition monitoring in a residential apartment building.  Selected publications

Doug Horn, research analyst in building science at the bcit building science centre of excellence Doug Horn, AScT, SEMAC
Research Analyst

Doug transitioned from a career in Information Technology to Building Science, as it provided opportunities for him to pursue work that aligned with his passion for energy conservation, sustainability, and a low carbon lifestyle. Working on projects that advance the building construction industry’s ability to build more durable, efficient, and healthier buildings fulfills Doug’s strong environmental ethic. He has worked on a number of green building projects, focusing on building energy management. This direction has enhanced his analytical skills, which are crucial for successfully completing projects at the Building Science Centre of Excellence. Currently he is involved in research projects involving high performance wall systems, moisture buffering, and rain penetration.