Morning Headlines: May 17, 2018

This was the first of two coyote attacks in Metro Vancouver within 24 hours. (Twitter/ @shardlow)

3-year-old gets almost 150 stitches after a coyote attack

Toddler left with 148 stitches after an attack outside of his Burnaby home.  Amanda Dyke says she found her three-year old  lying on the road, being attacked by a coyote

She said she charged the animal at “full speed” and was able to scare off the coyote.

Dyke says her son was dripping blood and had gashes, puncture wounds, and scratches all over his body.


Officials say warmer weather and melted snow packs will create a second surge of flooding (Emergency BC/ @EmergencyInfoBC)


BC Flood Update: What’s new?

Communities brace for floods and military aid is now on it’s way.  The federal government has now committed to aiding some of BC’s hardest hit communities from this historic flood.

Across the Fraser River as water levels are predicted to peak. A number of evacuations orders and alerts have been issued as water continues to rise.

Residents from Barnston Island are packing up and preparing for higher river levels.

Areas like Grand Forks are receiving funding for some of the damage that the flood has caused. At least 1,500 homes in the  Kootney Boundary region remain evacuated.

We will be following this story and update you as it continues.


The ash plume, the wind is carrying it to the northeast of the volcano. (USGS)

Hawaii Mount Kilauea; explosive eruption at volcanoes

An explosive eruption as sent ash 30,000 ft in into the sky.

Since a new zone of Mount Kilauea began erupting almost two

weeks ago, lava has wrecked dozens of homes  and forced out hundreds of people.

A Red Aviation code has been issued, this warns pilots about potential damaging from ash cloud.

Hawaii’s emergency management agency advised people in affected areas by ash to stay i their homes.

Kilauea is just one of the five active volcanoes on the island.