“I’m one of the lucky ones”, Grand Forks business owner reacts to flood

In the midst of a historical flooding in BC people are wondering what to expect next.

One of the hardest-hit communities, Grand Forks located in southern BC ,  is bracing it’s “round two” of floods, with water levels expected to rise and bring more flooding to the area in the next 48 hours.

A cafe owner from Grand Forks says her business was one of the few not touched by the water however, was greatly affected financially from the flood.

“We are a small business in a small town, some of my staff are living off  of paycheck to paycheck. It’s been a hard pill to swallow. It’s a large hit to take, because of the flood we had to evacuate everyone and obviously have had no business.” -Savanna Him, resident and business owner in Grand forks BC

Him says that unlike other communities,  Grand Forks only has a population of 4,000 people and over 2, 800 have been forced out of their homes. She said since it is such a small community it’s hard to not know someone who has been affected by the flood in some way.

Here are some other tweets of how Grand Forks is handling the flood:

How do you predict a flood?

According to USGS, a US-based organization explains that flood predictions require several types of data:

  • The amount of rainfall occurring a regular basis
  • Knowledge about the type of storm producing moisture, this then can help determine the severity of the flood
  • Knowledge about the characteristics of a rivers drainage basin; such as soil-moisture conditions, ground temperature, and snowpacks- this can help predict how extensive and damaging the flood may become

Scientists say tools such as rain gauges, airborne lasers, and satellites can be used to predict what kind of flood is going to occur.


-With files from Daniel Mountain  and USGS