For the Record: Water Safety & Pool Openings

Swimming at a beach brings unique hazards compared to a pool – lifeguards can’t see beneath the water, and there’s far more ground to cover. It’s extra important to be water safe. (City of Vancouver/

This week, many outdoor pools open in Metro Vancouver for the summer season, including Kits Pool which opens after renovations this Saturday. With more people heading to the beach to cool off, my guest on For the Record today was Tony Hunter. Hunter is a lifeguard and swimming instructor with the City of Surrey, and talks water safety, pool tips, and the craziest thing that ever happened while he was on duty.

One of the most important things Hunter mentioned was the danger of swimming while intoxicated.

“Don’t drink and swim. It seems like it’d be fun… but so many people over-do it and become way more of a risk to others and themselves. I think the biggest thing I’d caution people is don’t drink and swim.” – Tony Hunter

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To listen to the full interview, click the link below.